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Construction law can vary by state, and there are a number of terms used to describe a building that is under construction, including erection, construction, moving, conversion, alteration, remodelling, and addition. Your community's building inspection department, office of planning and zoning, or department of permits will have a listing of the necessary construction law permits, construction contract law regulations, and inspections related to building and zoning codes for new construction or remodelling. Please read on to find a construction law lawyer, construction law Lawyer or find more information about construction law or access more information here in the Erina Lawyers construction law practice centre.

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Construction Liens

A contractor that builds a permanent structure on another owner's land has the right to a lien on the property for the cost of any labour and materials that were used in the construction and were not paid for by the owner. The lien is a construction or mechanic's lien. State law governs these liens.

Mechanic's Liens

While it may seem that a mechanic's lien should have something to do with the person who works on your car, it doesn't. A mechanic's lien allows unpaid contractors, labourers, or suppliers to file a legal claim against real property for improvements made to the property until they are paid.

Home Repair Scams

The largest financial investment most consumers make is in their home. When home repairs or home improvement projects are needed, consumers need to know how to distinguish between scam artists and reputable contractors and what should be in home repair or home improvement contracts.

Hiring A Contractor

Hiring a contractor to renovate or rebuild a home has its challenges. Keep a clear head and choose a contractor to ensure that your contractor and workers do the job that you hired them to do.

Building Your Dream Home

Whether it's a first home, the "dream" home or a lakeside cabin, there are some dangers to watch for when building a home: Make sure the seller actually owns the property Check for restrictions. There may be ordinances that prohibit utility sheds or require screening for your beloved recreational v

Ask a Lawyer - Construction Law questions answered by leading lawyers

Who would i sue for an on the job accident? Would it be worth suing my employer?

I was working on my line and i got my hand caught between rollers and a belt. I pulled the emergency cord and screamed for help. They got my hand out and i was taken to the er. There i found out one of my 3 fingers that got burnt were actually cracked. It’s a week later and still can’t bend two of my fingers any better than when it happened. I also have witnesses that told me after my hand was taken out and i was out of sight they then put in safety guards which were already supposed to be put in to avoid my hand from being caught.

Homes built homes next to my property causing flooding issues. We have pictures and moving film. They have even tried to fix it. Not working

Can a contractor charge full price for items that are not complete or unacceptable?

Contractor wants full and final payment and work is not completed or inadequate. He is threatening a lien.

What rights to I have to force a contactor to warrant his work?

We hired a contractor for a remodel job. He subcontracted the hardwood flooring. The flooring cupped at install. I am worried that I have no recourse to have my floor replaced.

If a non- contractor provides unsatisfactory work, do I have the right to cancel payment for his work?