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Family Law & De Facto Law

Family Law

In our Family Law division at Erina Lawyers our Family Law Lawyers, offer expert advice and peace of mind to all our clients and potential clients, when they are seeking an answer to a Family Law problem.

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There are many issues that arise from the termination of a marriage and our Family Divorce Lawyers, will act on your behalf to seek the very best resolution for your case. Our Family Law division can also help with de facto and other relationship breakdowns,

Our Erina Lawyers Family Law Lawyers, are compassionate and caring and have expert skills in handling all children’s matters, including residence and contact, child support and child custody.

Erina Lawyers Family Law division, can assist and advise you on the best way to resolve issues with other parties, and offer you support at a time that can be both sensitive and emotional for you and your family. Our personal and practical service is tailored specifically to your needs.

We are able to assist you in formalising agreements where there is no dispute and also are very experienced in advising and representing you in situations where issues are "hotly" contested.

Our services include divorce, property division or settlement (following the breakdown of a marriage or defacto relationship), residence and contact of children, child support, child custody and spousal maintenance.

Erina Lawyers Family Law lawyers are very experienced in family law and are able to also assist you in the more complex areas of Family Law that may involve complex trust/company structures, hidden assets and parents relocating.

If you would like to take the first step in resolving a Family Law problem, call today for an appointment. Client confidentiality is held from the very first call, email or appointment. Nothing happens until you take the first step!

Erina Lawyers Family Law services include:

Children and Child Custody



Pre-Nuptial/Binding Financial Agreements


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Family Law

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Erina Lawyers

Harrington Family Lawyers - Brisbane, QLD

From their website: "Because we practice exclusively in these areas we understand that separation is a stressful experience. Our solicitors have chosen to specialise in family law and de facto relationships law because they have an interest and a passion for assisting clients through their family law issues"

From a singlemotherforum.com mum: "I haven't used either of these lawyers, but have sat and discussed in length family law, domestic violence orders & applications, child protection, etc." more...

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Erina Lawyers Camatta Lempens Lawyers - Adelaide, South Australia

From their website: "...We aim to provide straightforward, quick and cost effective legal advice to help you to understand your family breakdown and consider your options...If, unfortunately, you are not able to reach an agreement them we have the skills and expertise to issue proceedings in the Family Law Courts on your behalf. We provide advice on all family law matters, including the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship, your matrimonial property settlement, your same sex or single sex de facto property settlement, issues about children, child support, applying for a divorce and financial agreements before marriage or during marriage or a de facto relationship or upon separation" Phone: +61 8 8410 0211

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Erina Lawyers Cominos Lawyers - Sydney CBD & Parramatta, New South Wales

Experts in all aspects of Family Law, including children's matters, property settlement, de facto matters, family dispute resolution, spousal maintenance and divorce. Phone them on (02) 8999 1800

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Erina Lawyers Karras Partners Lawyers - Double Bay, Sydney, New South Wales

From their website: "Karras Partners Lawyers was established to provide superior counsel in all areas of Family Law. At a time of emotional and financial crisis, we offer practical support and advice to help our clients focus on their immediate needs and to make informed decisions and realistic plans for the future in terms of their children and financial matters" Phone 9327 2588

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Erina Lawyers Maurice Kriss, Barrister at Law - Parramatta, NSW

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From a singlemotherforum.com mum: "...By offering online legal advice (emails, etc) she is trying to keep the cost down for her clients and for those who are time-poor and perhaps just wanting some initial consultation to weigh up their options prior to court proceedings" more...

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From a singlemotherforum.com mum: "...I nominate Luke Adamson and Adamson solicitors in Manly, NSW. Phone number is 02 9977 5888. He is fantastic, communication is pretty rubbish but he is totally child focussed and knows his stuff. He did a great job for me and I would always recommend him. " more...

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