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  1. Child abuse - sexual assault

When you are facing criminal prosecution for a sex crime, you need the best child abuse lawyer fighting for you. You face prison time, loss of employment, and loss of reputation.

Sex crimes laws have gotten harsher and harsher in recent years, and prosecutors have become more and more hard-nosed.

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Child abuse enforcement and investigation

Child abuse investigations can be triggered in several ways. Teachers, doctors and other many other professions are "mandatory reporters" where they have reason to believe child abuse has occurred. Often parents of your children's friends will make anonymous reports to authorities. Other times a disgruntled spouse or former spouse may make a report to gain advantage in divorce in cases.

Having a top child abuse Lawyer is critical to having a successful outcome in your case. Proactive early intervention with the Department of Children and Family Services, police investigators and prosecutors is essential.

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If you have to go to court on a child abuse offense, it is vital be prepared well beforehand. Judges will typically issue a protective order which can prevent you from being in any contact with your children, even if you both want to be in contact.

There are special rules of evidence which give prosecutors great advantages in child abuse cases. A skilled Erina Lawyers child abuse lawyer will understand how to balance the playing field so you won't be at a disadvantage, and can work towards getting your case dismissed.