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Civil & Commercial Litigation

Erina Lawyers Civil and Commercial Litigation Overview

Nobody ever wants to be involved as a party in a lawsuit, but there are times when litigation is the only recourse.

The business litigators at the Erina Lawyers have decades of experience advising and representing clients in every aspect of personal and business litigation, working with you to help protect your legal interests in any legal dispute. We represent clients in all state and federal courts

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Because litigation can be so costly and time consuming, we at the Erina Lawyers work to minimize your expenses as much as possible, believing that negotiation, mediation, and arbitration can be far better ways to resolve a dispute than a trial. We evaluate every case at the earliest possible stage to see if a settlement can be reached that is in your best interests, and we continue to evaluate your case during the entire time that we represent you.

Nevertheless, after exhausting all efforts to settle your legal disputes though other means, we always stand ready and prepared to represent you in any court proceeding.

Erina Lawyers represent clients from the simplest to the most complex litigation, including:

Personal lawsuits, including personal injury

Contract Disputes

Buy- Sell Disputes


Partnership Disputes

Breach of Contract

Non- Performance


Trade Secrets

Construction Litigation

Real Property Litigation

And any other area of the law in which you may be either a plaintiff or a defendant in a civil lawsuit.

Contract Disputes

Fraud and Related Actions

Partnership and Other Small Business Dispute Litigation

Civil & Commercial Litigation

Civil litigation is the name for court disputes that are non-criminal in nature. Erina Lawyers is well known for its expertise in civil litigation.

At Erina Lawyers, we pride ourselves on being classic barristers. This means we are comfortable in any court or other forum where disputes get resolved. There are many sub-categories in civil litigation and we highlight seven main ones in Erina Lawyers’ practice.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation often involves contractual disputes between arms-length businesses or internal disputes between a company’s shareholders/partners. All of our lawyers practice commercial litigation on a regular basis. Erina Lawyers’ lawyers are comfortable improving a client’s position to a point where the matter can settle favourably or, where necessary, take a dispute to trial. Erina Lawyers is regularly involved in multi-million dollar commercial litigation.

Real Estate

Parallel to Erina Lawyers’ expertise in commercial litigation is its expertise in real estate litigation. Many of the commercial disputes in which Erina Lawyers is retained relate to the purchase and sale of land. Erina Lawyers’ expertise in real estate litigation, however, transcends contractual disputes and covers every facet of real estate law.

Construction Litigation

Employment Litigation

Corporations are often involved in employment disputes with individual employees or, if the employer is unionized, unionized employees. Erina Lawyers does not act in union disputes, but does act for employers involved in employment disputes with non-unionized employees. As a general rule, these disputes involve an employee who has been terminated and claims to have been wrongfully dismissed. Erina Lawyers also acts in employment related human rights’ cases.


Each year, Erina Lawyers is involved in appeal cases of provincial and national importance. Erina Lawyers lawyers act on appeals from cases they are involved in at the lower court level and also on matters where a different law firm acted in the court below.